EMTX - Emergency Medical Technician

EMTX12 EMT - Emergency Medical Technician, Basic

Credits 12

Registration Requirement: RD115, WR115 and MTH060, each with a grade of "C" or better; or placement above stated course levels; must be 18 years of age at the time of Oregon/National Registry Exam; possess high school diploma or GED; possess a current American Heart Association CPR for Healthcare Provider card; successfully pass background check; successfully pass 10-panel drug screen; and provide current immunizations, including current TB test. Note: Financial Aid is NOT available for this class unless taken as part of the Basic Health Care certificate program or the AGS in Health Professions Exploration degree.

This course represents the first phase of training in the Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services career structure. The course emphasizes the development of student skills in the recognition of signs/symptoms of illness and injuries and the appropriate interventions in emergency treatment. In addition, the student is instructed on emergency vehicle operations and work safety. An Emergency Medical Technician is a critical member of the Emergency Services Team.

EMTX110 Emergency Medical Technician Part 01

Credits 6Fall/Spring

Registration Requirement: RD090 and WR090, or IECC201R and IECC201W, and MTH020, each with a grade of "C" or better; or placement above stated course levels.

Part one of a two-course sequence, this course prepares students for careers as emergency medical technicians (EMT). Topics include airway management, patient assessment, treatment/stabilization for common medical emergencies, and culturally responsive care. In addition, students attend training to obtain their American Heart Association BLS Provider Certification, meeting the requirement for state and national EMT certification exams.

View Course Outcomes:

  1. Explain the role/ responsibilities and legal issues as they relate to the EMT (Emergency medical Technician). \\n
  2. Use the basic concepts of anatomy and physiology as they relate to patient care and the EMT scope of practice.
  3. Demonstrate operation of oxygen delivery devices.
  4. Demonstrate appropriate BSI (body substance isolation) techniques.
  5. Demonstrate sequence of medical patient assessments.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of the cardiovascular, circulatory and respiratory systems.
  7. Demonstrate effective communication skills.

EMTX111 Emergency Medical Technician Part 02

Credits 6Summer/Winter

Registration Requirement: EMTX110.

Part two of a two-part sequence, this course expands upon the knowledge, skills, techniques, and applications introduced in EMTX110. Integrates assessment skills including the ability to differentiate trauma versus medical emergencies to include the proper management in a pre-hospital setting. Includes preparation for state and national certification exams.

View Course Outcomes:

  1. Apply procedures for providing emergency assistance in multiple patient disasters.
  2. Apply procedures for providing emergency assistance in various common environmental injuries.
  3. Apply procedures for providing emergency assistance in various traumatic injuries.
  4. Recognize and treat various emergencies involving intoxicants.
  5. Apply assessment, safety and response protocols in incidents of terrorism.
  6. Prepare for National Registry of EMT written exam.
  7. Prepare for State of Oregon practical exam.