Transferring to a University

MHCC is a great starting place for students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Students can complete all or most of their lower division (first and second year) general education requirements prior to transferring.

Admission requirements are different at each college and university; therefore, it is vital to plan ahead for transfer. Students should use transfer resources and advising at both MHCC and at their four-year college to help ensure a smooth transfer process.

In order to be admitted to public universities in Oregon, two years of high school or two terms of college foreign language (including American Sign Language) is required. Students planning to get a BA will need two full years of college-level foreign language or ASL.

Transfer / Articulation Agreements

MHCC has over 100 transfer / articulation agreements with universities that ensure students can complete their associate degree at MHCC and transfer as juniors to specific university programs. New agreements are developed on a regular basis.

University Partnerships / Co-Enrollment

Students may be co-admitted to a university and MHCC at the same time to complete both associate and bachelor’s degree requirements. MHCC’s current co-enrollment partners are:

  • Eastern Oregon University (EOU)
  • Oregon Tech (OIT)
  • Oregon State University (OSU)
  • Portland State University (PSU)
  • Warner Pacific University (WP)

Other Transfer Resources

Classes that help you plan ahead

HD100ACollege Success (Course offered online)1
HD225Transferring to a Four-Year College (during your first or second term at MHCC)2
HD208Career and Life Planning (Course offered online) (during your first, second, or third term at MHCC)3


TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO-SSS) provides academic, career, personal, and transfer advising, financial aid, scholarship information, guidance, tutoring, and 4-year college and university visits to eligible MHCC students whose goals are to earn a certificate or associate’s degree from MHCC and then transfer to a 4-year college or university in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.

Faculty Advisers

Faculty advisers provide expertise to students majoring in their fields. Lists of advisers for all majors are updated annually and posted to the MHCC website.

Academic Advising and Transfer Center

Students with General Studies as their major can meet with an academic adviser to create an education plan or learn more about transfer options. Regular visits to the Academic Advising and Transfer Center by transfer college representatives also enable MHCC students to make personal inquiries related to their transfer plans.

Transfer Days

Each winter term, representatives from colleges and universities visit MHCC for Transfer Days. This event gives students the opportunity to investigate several colleges at one time.

Course offered online

Cultural Literacy course