AST-Computer Science: EOU, SOU or WOU transfer track

The Associate of Science Transfer in Computer Science (AST-CS) is intended to prepare students to transfer into an upper division baccalaureate degree program in computer science at:

In selecting computer science electives for this degree, students are highly encouraged to consult the specific faculty adviser and the institution to which they intend to transfer to determine if the chosen electives meet their requirements. Students who complete the AST-Computer Science will also complete the statewide Major Transfer Map (MTM) for Computer Science, and the Oregon Core Transfer Map (CTM.)

Note: This plan is specifically designed for transfer to a four-year institution and is not intended for students who seek direct entry into the job market after completion of an associate degree.

Computer Science Core, 4 courses16
Calculus, 2 courses10
COMM111Fundamentals of Public Speaking (Course offered online)4
Written Communication, 2 courses7-8
Lab Science, 2 courses6-10
Arts & Letters, 2 courses6-8
Social Science, 2 courses6-8
Cultural Literacy, 1 course designated with globe icon 1
Electives, to reach 90 credits26-35
Total Credits90-91

Computer Science core

Four (4) courses:

CS160Computer Science Orientation (Course offered online)4
CS161Computer Science I4
CS162Computer Science II4
CS260Data Structures4


Two (2) courses:

MTH251Calculus I: Differential Calculus5
MTH252Calculus II: Integral Calculus5


Two (2) courses:

WR121English Composition (Course offered online)4
WR122English Composition: Critical Thinking (Course offered online)4

Lab Science

Two (2) courses:

Recommended for Non-Science/Engineering Majors
BI121Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Course offered online)4
BI122Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Course offered online)4
BI231Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Course offered online)4
BI232Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Course offered online)4
BI233Human Anatomy and Physiology III (Course offered online)4
PH104Descriptive Astronomy4
BI101General Biology: Cellular Biology (Course offered online)4
BI102General Biology: Molecular Biology (Course offered online)4
BI103General Biology: Ecology and Evolution4
BI132Introduction to Animal Behavior (Course offered online)4
BI133Northwest Forest Ecology4
CH104General Chemistry for Health Professions5
CH105Organic Chemistry for Health Professions5
CH106Biological Chemistry for Health Professions5
General Science
GS104Physical Science - Physics4
GS105Physical Science: Chemistry of the Environment 4
or GS105A Physical Science: Chemistry for the Consumer
or GS105B Chemistry of Food and Cooking
GS106Physical Science: Geology4
G165Regional Field Geology3
Recommended for Science, Engineering or Other STEM-Focused Majors
BI112Biology for Health Professions (if taken in 2019 or later)5
BI211Principles of Biology I5
BI212Principles of Biology II5
BI213Principles of Biology III5
CH151Basic Chemistry4
CH170Environmental Chemistry4
CH221General Chemistry I5
CH222General Chemistry II5
CH223General Chemistry III5
CH241Organic Chemistry I5
CH242Organic Chemistry II5
CH243Organic Chemistry III5
Natural Resources Ecology
F240Natural Resources Ecology4
Fish & Wildlife
FW252Mammals: Biology and Techniques4
FW253Field Ornithology4
FW254Aquatic Wildlife: Biology and Techniques4
G201Principles of Physical Geology4
G202Principles of Physical Geology4
G203Principles of Historical Geology4
PH201General Physics I5
PH202General Physics II5
PH203General Physics III5
PH211General Physics with Calculus I5
PH212General Physics with Calculus II5
PH213General Physics with Calculus III5

Arts & Letters

Two (2) courses:

Art/Art History
ART115Basic Design I: Two-Dimensional4
ART116Basic Design II: Color Theory4
ART117Basic Design III: Three- Dimensional4
ART204History of Western Art: Prehistoric - Byzantine (Course offered online)4
ART205History of Western Art: Medieval - Renaissance (Course offered online)4
ART206History of Western Art: Baroque - Modern (Course offered online)4
ART211Survey of Visual Arts (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ART215PSurvey in Visual Arts: Photography3
ART225Adobe Illustrator: Digital Art4
ART226Adobe Photoshop: Digital Art4
ART231Drawing I4
ART232Drawing II4
ART233Drawing III4
ART234Figure Drawing I4
ART235Figure Drawing II (if taken summer 2019 or later)4
ART236Figure Drawing III (if taken summer 2019 or later)4
ART240Illustration and Cartooning4
ART244Visual Storytelling4
ART254Ceramics I4
ART255Ceramics II4
ART256Ceramics III4
ART257Jewelrymaking/Metalsmithing I4
ART258Jewelrymaking/Metalsmithing II4
ART259Jewelrymaking/Metalsmithing III4
ART260Digital Photography and Imaging4
ART261Photography I3
ART262Photography II3
ART271Printmaking I: Screenprint and Woodcut4
ART272Printmaking II: Silkscreen, Woodcut, and Intaglio4
ART273Printmaking III4
ART281Painting I4
ART282Painting II (if taken summer 2019 or later)4
ART283Painting III (if taken summer 2019 or later)4
ART291Sculpture I4
ART292Sculpture II4
ART293Sculpture III4
ART294Watercolor I4
ART296Watercolor II4
ART297Watercolor III (if taken summer 2019 or later)4
Communication / Speech (cannot be same course used to fulfill Oral Communication requirement)
COMM100Basic Speech Communication (Course offered online)3
COMM111Fundamentals of Public Speaking (Course offered online)4
COMM114Argument and Critical Discourse3
COMM115Introduction to Intercultural Communication (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
COMM218Interpersonal Communication (Course offered online)4
COMM219Small Group Communication3
Creative Writing
WR240Creative Writing: Nonfiction3
WR241Creative Writing: Fiction I (Course offered online)4
WR242Creative Writing: Poetry I (Course offered online)4
WR244Creative Writing: Poetry II4
WR245Creative Writing: Fiction II4
English / Literature
ENG104Introduction to Literature: Fiction (Course offered online)4
ENG105Introduction to Literature: Drama (Course offered online)4
ENG106Introduction to Literature: Poetry4
ENG204British Literature I: Old English to Renaissance (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG205British Literature II: Age of Enlightenment to Present (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG212Latin American Literature (Course offered online)4
ENG218Arthurian Legends4
ENG222Women's Literature (Cultural Literacy course)3
ENG250Introduction to Mythology4
ENG253Survey of American Literature I (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG254Survey of American Literature II (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG257Introduction to African American Literature (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG261Literature of Science Fiction (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG271World Literature: The Classical World (Ancient Literature to 1000 C.E.) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG272World Literature: 1000 to 1800 C.E. (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG273World Literature: 1800 C.E. to the Present (Cultural Literacy course)4
Ethics in the Workplace
HUM202Ethics in the Workplace (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
Film Studies
FA257Films and Society (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
FA258Understanding the Film (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
FA266Film Directors (Cultural Literacy course)4
FA270Film Genres (Course offered online)4
Modern Languages (second-year)
ASL201Second-year American Sign Language I (Cultural Literacy course)4
ASL202Second-year American Sign Language II (Cultural Literacy course)4
ASL203Second-year American Sign Language III (Cultural Literacy course)4
JPN201Second-year Japanese I (Cultural Literacy course)5
JPN202Second-year Japanese II (Cultural Literacy course)5
JPN203Second-year Japanese III (Cultural Literacy course)5
SPAN201Second-year Spanish I (Cultural Literacy course)4
SPAN202Second-year Spanish II (Cultural Literacy course)4
SPAN203Second-year Spanish III (Cultural Literacy course)4
MUS101Music Fundamentals3
MUS103Jazz History3
MUS105History of Rock3
MUS111Music Theory I3
MUS112Music Theory II3
MUS113Music Theory III3
MUS201Music in Cinema (Cultural Literacy course)3
MUS211Music Theory IV (Cultural Literacy course)3
MUS212Music Theory V (Cultural Literacy course)3
MUS213Music Theory VI (Cultural Literacy course)3
MUS268Music History: Baroque to Romantic (Cultural Literacy course)4
MUS279Popular Songwriting3
PHL191Language and the Layout of Argument4
PHL201Introduction to Philosophy (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
PHL202Fundamental Ethics (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
RD117Critical Reading (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
R210World Religions (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
R211History of the Old Testament (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
R212History of the New Testament (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
Theatre Arts
TA101Appreciating Theatre3
TA106Theatre History: Origins to the Renaissance (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
TA107Theatre History: Restoration to Contemporary (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
TA141Acting Fundamentals I3
TA142Acting Fundamentals II3
TA143Acting Fundamentals III3

Social Science

Two (2) courses: 

General Social Science
SSC100Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship4
ANTH101Introduction to Biological Anthropology (Course offered online)4
ANTH102Introduction to Archaeology and World Prehistory (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ANTH103Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Cultural Literacy course)4
ANTH180Language and Culture (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
COMM115Introduction to Intercultural Communication (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
EC115Introduction to Economics (Course offered online)3
EC201Principles of Economics I: Microeconomics (Course offered online)4
EC202Principles of Economics II: Macroeconomics (Course offered online)4
GEOG105Introduction to Physical Geography3
GEOG106Introduction to World Regional Geography (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG107Introduction to Cultural Geography (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG202The Geography of Europe (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG206Geography of Oregon (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG209Geography of the Middle East and North Africa (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG214Geography of Mexico and Central America (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG290Environmental Problems and Restoration3
HST101Western Civilization: Ancient and Classical Europe (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST102Western Civilization: Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST103Western Civilization: Modern Europe (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST110Ancient World History (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST111Medieval World History (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST112Modern World History (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST195History of the Vietnam War (Cultural Literacy course)3
HST201U.S. History: Pre-Colonial-1840 (Course offered online)4
HST202U.S. History: 1840 - 1917 (Course offered online)4
HST203U.S. History: 1910 - Present (Course offered online)4
HST204Women in U.S. History (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST225Women in World History (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST237America in the 1960s3
HST264African-American History: 1500 - 1870s (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST265African-American History: 1870 - Present (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
International Studies
INTL101Introduction to International Studies (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
J211Introduction to Mass Communications3
Music History
MUS103Jazz History (if taken summer 2020 or later)3
MUS105History of Rock (if taken summer 2020 or later)3
MUS268Music History: Baroque to Romantic (Cultural Literacy course) (if taken summer 2020 or later)4
MUS279Popular Songwriting3
Political Science
PS200Introduction to Political Science (Course offered online)4
PS201American Government (Course offered online)4
PS203State and Local Governments4
PS204Introduction to Comparative Politics4
PS205International Relations (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
PS209Problems in American Politics4
PS215Global Issues4
PS217Introduction to Public Land Management: The Politics of Recreation3
PS225Political Ideology: Ideas About Government4
PS241Introduction to Political Terrorism (Course offered online)4
PSY101Psychology of Human Relations (Course offered online)3
PSY151Introduction to the Social Sciences3
PSY201General Psychology (Course offered online)4
PSY202General Psychology (Course offered online)4
PSY214Introduction to Personality (Cultural Literacy course)4
PSY216Social Psychology3
PSY231Human Sexuality3
PSY232Sexuality and Society (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
PSY237Human Development (Course offered online)4
PSY239Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (Course offered online)4
SOC204General Sociology: Principles of Sociology (Course offered online)3
SOC205General Sociology: Social Institutions (Course offered online)3
SOC206General Sociology: Social Problems (Course offered online)3
SOC213Race Relations in the United States (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
SOC215Gender and Society (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
SOC216Sociology of the Family (Course offered online)3
SOC223Sociology of Aging (Course offered online)3
Theatre History
TA106Theatre History: Origins to the Renaissance (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course) (if taken summer 2021 or later)3
TA107Theatre History: Restoration to Contemporary (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course) (if taken summer 2021 or later)3
Women's Studies
WS101Introduction to Women's Studies (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
World Literature
ENG271World Literature: The Classical World (Ancient Literature to 1000 C.E.) (Cultural Literacy course) (if taken summer 2020 or later)4
ENG272World Literature: 1000 to 1800 C.E. (Cultural Literacy course) (if taken summer 2020 or later)4
ENG273World Literature: 1800 C.E. to the Present (Cultural Literacy course) (if taken summer 2020 or later)4

Electives may include:

  • Any college-level (100 level or above) transferable course.
  • Up to 12 credits of career-technical courses. 
  • Up to 6 credits of PE185, 15 credits of IECC (200-level), and 12 credits of Lower Division Collegiate Cooperative Education Internship may be applied as elective credits to the AST. See the Course Information section for elective credit/course eligibility. 
  • When students complete courses at more than one Oregon community college, the AST-granting institution will apply courses that students transfer in from other Oregon community colleges to meet Core Transfer Map and Major requirements as intended and as identified by the approved course lists at the community college where and when they were taken.

To be awarded the AST degree, students must: 

  • Complete all requirements to total 90 applicable degree credits.
  • Pass all courses with a grade of “C” or better.  
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 at the time the AST is awarded. 
  • Satisfactorily earn 12 credit hours at MHCC. Non-traditional credit (College Level Examination Program, Experience-Based Credit, Challenge, etc.) does not satisfy this requirement.

If a course is taken as a P/NP and the student receives a "Pass" ("P"), it is considered equivalent to a C or better at all Oregon community colleges. However, it is recommended that students take courses for a letter grade and not P/NP; some individual AST majors may limit P/NP options for specific requirements, and such limits will be noted in the major specific requirements in the MTM MOU. 

Course offered online

Cultural Literacy course