Math Pathways at MHCC

MHCC now offers two pathways in mathematics.

The track a student needs will depend on the student’s major and/or transfer plan. Students should see an adviser to discuss the best math track for their placement level, degree requirements, educational goals, and/or transfer university requirements.

Statistics Track

MTH058Quantitative Reasoning I6.0
MTH098Quantitative Reasoning II4.0
MTH105Mathematics in Society5.0
MTH243Statistics I (Course offered online)4.0
Total Credits19

Calculus Track

MTH060Beginning Algebra I (Course offered online)4.0
MTH065Beginning Algebra II (Course offered online)4.0
MTH095Intermediate Algebra with Right Triangle Trigonometry (Course offered online)5.0
MTH111Pre-Calculus I: Elementary Functions (Course offered online)5.0
MTH112Pre-Calculus II: Trigonometry / Geometry5.0
MTH251Calculus I: Differential Calculus5.0
Total Credits28

Students majoring in Elementary Education have a slightly different math pathway. Some sciences majors at the university level require both calculus and statistics. Please see an adviser to ensure you are taking the correct courses.

Course offered online

Cultural Literacy course