Student Rights and Responsibilities

MHCC provides citizens access to higher education, giving them the ability to make life choices; adapt to change; build strong communities; contribute to and derive benefit from the new economy; and become part of a skilled workforce. Administrative Regulation 7040-D entitles students to the following:

  1. Classroom Freedom
  2. Out of Class Student Freedom
  3. Off-campus Freedom of Students

Limitations: In order for MHCC to function as an institution of higher learning, it must be protected from disruption. For that reason, students may be suspended or expelled where their acts or actions threaten or cause a substantial disruption or material interference with normal College activities.

Complaint Procedure: The rights as enumerated herein will be enforced solely and exclusively pursuant to the complaint procedure contained in the current collective bargaining agreement with the faculty association or normal administrative channels in accordance with the table of organization.

Title IX

Mt. Hood Community College is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation in tis services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. The Title IX Coordinator can address student concerns related to sexual harassment, sexual assault and other actions that fall within the college’s obligations under Title IX.

Mt. Hood Community College Title IX Coordinator - Travis Brown
Room AC2398E, inside Human Resources
503-491-SAFE (7233)

Student Code of Conduct

Students at MHCC assume a responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the College's function as an educational institution. Although MHCC is dedicated to an open, free society, there are actions inappropriate in an institution of higher learning. The Student Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behavior expected of every student at MHCC. The policies and procedures outlined have been designed to further the College's educational mission and to assist students in the pursuit of knowledge and personal development.

A person voluntarily becomes a student at MHCC and thereby assumes the obligation of abiding by the standards prescribed in the Student Code of Conduct. The College maintains the authority to impose sanctions for behaviors that violate the Student Code of Conduct.

The College has an interest in behavior, subject to the Student Code of Conduct, separate from that of the civil or criminal authorities and, therefore, has the right and responsibility to exercise its jurisdiction and take such action as is appropriate to protect its interest. Whenever appropriate, the College may report a discipline matter to civil or criminal authorities.

Reporting a Complaint

When you feel you are a victim of discrimination, harassment, misconduct or violence, it is important to remember that there are supportive people at MHCC who are resources for discussing and helping to clarify what constitutes discrimination, harassment or misconduct and the action steps you can take. To file a complaint or get help, seek assistance through the Title IX Coordinator, Human Resources Department or Public Safety Department. Do not wait to report conduct of concern until harassment becomes sufficiently serious (i.e., severe, pervasive, or persistent) to create a hostile environment. Off-campus harassment, misconduct, or violence that creates a hostile environment on campus should be brought to the attention of the College. Students are not required to discuss the complaint informally with the alleged perpetrator. Complaints will be investigated whether it is received in writing or verbally. Information shared in the complaint process will be kept confidential to the greatest degree possible. All complaints will be investigated and addressed in a timely manner.

No retaliation

No one at the College may reprimand, discriminate or otherwise retaliate against an individual who initiates an inquiry or complaint in good faith, nor against other individuals who share information related to the complaint.