Pre-Health Professions major (Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Surgical Tech, Respiratory Care, etc.)

Academic Advisers

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Students interested in pursuing one of the community college Health Professions programs should select the Pre-Health Professions major on the admission application, and work with the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to plan accordingly. The Pre-Health Professions major and accompanying AGS in Health Professions Exploration (AGSH) degree allow students to explore the many career options in the healthcare industry while also earning credits toward a degree at MHCC.

MHCC's Health Professions programs offer students award-winning faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and a bright future that is only limited by imagination. Most Health Professions programs require an additional application and/or prerequisite coursework. Upon completion of your degree, you will have the tools and insight to have a career that is both personally and professionally rewarding. Prerequisites for each program may change from year to year and it is the student's responsibility to review program information before submitting an application. 

Completion of the AGSH does not ensure completion of Health Profession program admission requirements. 

Students pursuing the AGSH can also complete some of the coursework required for MHCC's Medical Office programs and the Basic Healthcare Certificate. Those interested in seeking a medical/health career that requires a graduate degree, such as Medical Doctor (MD), Chiropractor (DC), Dentist (DMD, DDS), Pharmacist (PharmD, RPh), or Veterinarian (DVM), are encouraged to work with an adviser and complete the Associate of Science or AS in Biology instead of the AGSH.

For the most part, courses that fulfill general education requirements can be taken in any term. Students should work with an academic adviser to create a custom academic plan based on course placement levels, career goals, and full time/part time status.

The following plan of study is only one example of many possible plans. Admitted students may also log on to Navigate to start the process of building an academic plan based on this major and can notify an adviser for review.

Plan of Study Grid
First Quarter
Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Course offered online)
or Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Course offered online)
HD100A College Success (Course offered online) (or HD209RES before graduation) 1
HD130HC Introduction to Today's Careers: Health Professions (Course offered online) 2
Beginning Algebra II (Course offered online) (or higher)
or Quantitative Reasoning I
WR121 English Composition (Course offered online) 4
Second Quarter
Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Course offered online)
or Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Course offered online)
English Composition: Critical Thinking (Course offered online)
or Technical Report Writing (Course offered online)
Related Elective 4
Health & Physical Education requirement (HE252 recommended) 3
Third Quarter
BI233 Human Anatomy and Physiology III (Course offered online) (if completing the 200-level Anatomy requirement) 4
PSY201 General Psychology (Course offered online) 4
Related Elective 4-5
Oral Communication requirement 3-4
Fourth Quarter
MO136 Healthcare Documentation (Course offered online) 3
Related Elective 4
Arts & Letters requirement 3-4
Social Science requirement 3-4
Fifth Quarter
MO250 Medical Law and Ethics 3
Related Electives 7
Arts & Letters requirement 3-4
General elective, if needed to reach 90 credits 3-4
Sixth Quarter
HD209RES Developing Your Resume (required if HD100A not taken) 1
Related Electives 9
General electives, if needed to reach 90 credits 6-8
 Total Credits90-100

Course offered online

Cultural Literacy course