Physical Education / Exercise and Sport Science major

Transfer Plan: Aligns with Associate of Science

Faculty Advisers

Matt Hart: 503-491-7455 | Room PE161 | | Students with last name A-E
Petra LeBaron Botts: 503-491-7355 | Room  PE155 | | Students with last name F-L
Amanda Shelton: 503-491-7350 | Room PE157 | | Students with last name M-S 
Josh Stratman: 503-491-7201 | Room PE160 | | Students with last name T-Z

Physical and health education programs prepare students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop and maintain healthy, active and lifelong lifestyles. The field includes opportunities in health, nutrition, exercise science, sports medicine, sports psychology, wellness and fitness management.

Curricular Outcomes

At the completion of this curriculum, students should be able to:

  • Identify and/or demonstrate behaviors and/or concepts that promote optimal health and prevent disease
  • Identify societal factors (family, peers, culture, media, technology, etc.) that can influence personal health and wellness
  • Demonstrate goal-setting techniques to enhance physical / skill performance
  • Demonstrate goal-setting techniques to enhance one or more dimension(s) of wellness
  • Demonstrate a proficiency in a physical/skill performance
  • Apply leadership techniques

Students interested in pursuing the Physical Education / Exercise and Sport Science major can complete the following courses toward the Health and Physical Education (HPE) requirement and/or electives on the AS (recommended), AAOT, ASOT-B, AGS or ASLA degrees. Students are highly encouraged to work with a university transfer adviser to ensure transferability of courses. Admitted students may also log on to Navigate to start the process of building an academic plan based on this major and can notify an adviser for review.

PE131Introduction to Physical Education3
HE252First Aid: Responding to Emergencies3
HPE270Introduction to Sport Psychology3
HPE295Health and Fitness for Life (Course offered online)3

Recommended Health and Physical Education electives

HE151Drug Education: Stimulants and Performance Enhancing Drugs3
HE152Drug Education: Opioids, Cannabis, Depressants and Hallucinogens3
HE202Adult Development and Aging1
HE204Nutrition for Health3
HE205Diet Appraisal (Course offered online)1
HE207Stress Control Through Activity Intervention1
HE208HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections1
HE250Personal Health (Course offered online)3
HE255Alcohol and the Family3
HE261CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation1
HE265Women's Health (Course offered online)3
HPE170Structure and Function of the Human Body3
HPE172Exercise Science3
HPE174Fitness Assessment and Programming3

Transfer Schools

Course offered online

Cultural Literacy course