Pre-Professional (Medicine, Chiropractic, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary) - transfer major

Faculty Advisers


Bernadette Harnish: 503-491-7293 | Room AC2596 | | Students with last name A-M
Dr. Jessica Wittman: 503-491-7633 | Room AC2589 | | Students with last name N-Z

Pre-Chiropractic and Pre-Pharmacy

Dr. Joyce Sherpa: 503-491-7443 | Room AC2565 |


Dr. Michael Russell: 503-491-7348 | Room AC2568 |


Dr. Elizabeth Cohen: 503-491-6012 | Room AC2566 |

If your career plans include becoming one of the following, this is the major for you!

  • Doctor (MD, OD)
  • Pharmacist (PharmD, RPh)
  • Veterinarian (DVM)
  • Dentist (DMD, DDS)
  • Chiropractor (DC)

Students will need to take courses in biology, chemistry, and physics for these majors. After completing an AS or AST in Biology, students will need to transfer to a four-year college and complete a bachelor’s degree. Then, students will follow steps to apply for their choice of med school, vet school, etc.

There are many options that allow students to pursue one of the careers above. For example, students who want to attend med school could major in math, science, and more. Those who want to attend vet school can also choose those majors, but could also opt for zoology, animal science, or wildlife biology. Students should work with an adviser to make a plan on which courses to take.

For students interested in pursuing Health Professions careers such as Nursing (RN), Dental Hygiene, Surgical Technologist, Respiratory Care, etc., please visit the AGS in Health Professions Exploration degree page. 

MHCC’s Science and Math divisions provide courses that are required by many schools, including:

Principles of Biology

BI211Principles of Biology I5
BI212Principles of Biology II5
BI213Principles of Biology III5

General Physics

PH201General Physics I5
PH202General Physics II5
PH203General Physics III5

General Physics with Calculus

PH211General Physics with Calculus I5
PH212General Physics with Calculus II5
PH213General Physics with Calculus III5

General Chemistry

CH221General Chemistry I5
CH222General Chemistry II5
CH223General Chemistry III5

Organic Chemistry

CH241Organic Chemistry I5
CH242Organic Chemistry II5
CH243Organic Chemistry III 15

Counts as the 300-level Organic Chemistry sequence at Oregon public universities with acceptable score on ACS National Exam and minimum of C or better in each course.

Anatomy and Physiology

Please note that some universities require a 300-level anatomy sequence; check with your transfer institution before enrolling in this sequence.

BI231Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Course offered online)4
BI232Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Course offered online)4
BI233Human Anatomy and Physiology III (Course offered online)4

Calculus and Linear Algebra

MTH251Calculus I: Differential Calculus5
MTH252Calculus II: Integral Calculus5
MTH253Calculus III4
MTH254Calculus IV: Multivariable/ Vector Calculus Part 15
MTH255Calculus V: Multivariable/Vector Calculus Part 24
MTH256Differential Equations5
MTH261Linear Algebra4

Transfer Schools

Online option regularly offered

Cultural Literacy course