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MHCC prepares students planning to major in English at a transfer institution by offering a range of classes that cover classical to modern literatures. Their studies include American, British and world literatures. Career paths for future English majors vary; they may plan on careers in creative writing, education, journalism, law, technical writing or any field in which expert command of the English language is central.

Curricular Outcomes

At the completion of this curriculum, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of literary works in context, including the ways texts engage notions of genre, culture, history, class, race, gender, and sexuality. 
  • Discuss and explicate, orally and in writing, themes, plots, characterization, symbolism and other conventions and practices of literature and literary genres. 
  • Define and apply vocabulary appropriate to the study of literature and the humanities (e.g., hero, myth, symbols, irony). 
  • Make connections between literature and their own lives. 
  • Use a variety of written, verbal, and multimodal forms to respond to and analyze literary texts and contexts

The Associate of Arts Transfer in English (AAT-English) is a statewide transfer degree designed for students that intend to major in English literature after transferring to an Oregon public university. This degree ensures students complete the English Major Transfer Map (MTM) as well as the Oregon Core Transfer Map (CTM.) Students are highly encouraged to work with a university transfer adviser and MHCC faculty adviser to ensure transferability of courses.

For the most part, courses that fulfill general education requirements can be taken in any term. 

Students must complete all courses with a "C" grade or better, and must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the time the degree is awarded.

Plan of Study Grid
First QuarterCredits
WR121 English Composition (Course offered online) 4
MTH105 Mathematics in Society (or higher) 5
Modern Language 101, or elective 4-5
Second Quarter
WR122 English Composition: Critical Thinking (Course offered online) 4
British or American Literature (see list for options) 4
Modern Language 102, or elective 4-5
Third Quarter
Lab science requirement 4-5
Social Science requirement 3-4
Modern Language 103, or elective 4-5
Fourth Quarter
200-level English (ENG) requirement 4
Modern Language 201 4-5
Lab science requirement 3-5
University requirement or elective needed to reach 90 credits 4-6
Fifth Quarter
200-level English (ENG) requirement 4
Modern Language 202 4-5
Social Science requirement 3-4
University requirement or elective(s) needed to reach 90 credits 4-6
Sixth Quarter
200-level English (ENG) requirement 4
Modern Language 203 4-5
University requirement or elective(s) needed to reach 90 credits 6-8
 Total Credits90-97
Students must complete at least one course in British or American Literature:
ENG204British Literature I: Old English to Renaissance (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG205British Literature II: Age of Enlightenment to Present (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG253Survey of American Literature I (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG254Survey of American Literature II (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
Other 200-level English courses at MHCC include:
ENG212Latin American Literature (Course offered online)4
ENG218Arthurian Legends4
ENG222Women's Literature (Cultural Literacy course)3
ENG250Introduction to Mythology4
ENG257Introduction to African American Literature (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG261Literature of Science Fiction (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG271World Literature: The Classical World (Seventh Century B.C. to 1200 A.D.) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG272World Literature: The Renaissance to the Age of Reason 1200 A.D.- 1800 A.D. (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG273World Literature: The Romanticism to Contemporary Writings 1800 - Present (Cultural Literacy course)4

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