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Mt. Hood Community College collaborates with multiple apprenticeship training centers. Each training center's website provides valuable information on how to prepare and apply for their respective apprenticeship programs.


Visit MHCC's Apprenticeship webpage for more information and steps for getting started. 

Apprenticeship AAS degree requirements include four general education components:


  • WR101 Workplace Communications I (Course offered online) or
  • WR121Z Composition I (Course offered online) or
  • Embedded APR course that covers communication skills for the workplace or industry


  • MTH065 Beginning Algebra II (Course offered online) or higher, or
  • MTH058 Quantitative Reasoning I or
  • Embedded APR course that covers industry computation


  • 3 credits of HPE/PE/HE, or
  • Embedded APR course that covers workplace safety, wellness, CPR/First Aid, etc.

Human Relations:

  • 3 credits from the Human Relations course list, or
  • 1 course from Arts & Letters, or
  • 1 course from Social Science, or
  • 3 credits of embedded APR coursework that require students to meet at least 2 of the following:
    • Evaluate personal skill and experience levels and relate them to potential careers Identify factors influencing development and analysis of the accuracy of one’s own self- concept, including socio-cultural, gender, and individual influences, and how self- concept is maintained and changed
    • Describe basic human emotions and the verbal and nonverbal expression of emotions, and how emotions impact thinking, perception and communication
    • Explain why human relations skills are important in today’s workplace
    • Use intra- and interpersonal management skills to increase effectiveness in personal and professional relationships
    • Develop and exercise leadership skills, decision-making, mentorship, and/or conflict resolution
    • Discuss how a situation and/or environment affect a leader's ability to lead Differentiate between discrimination and prejudice
    • Explain and apply laws that govern human relations in the workplace regarding sexual harassment, age, gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation, religion, and veteran status

Visit MHCC's Apprenticeship webpage for more information and steps for getting started. Each training center’s website provides valuable information on how to prepare & apply for their apprenticeship opportunities.

Online option regularly offered

Cultural Literacy course