Cultural Literacy

Please note: Cultural Literacy is the only degree requirement that can be "double-dipped."

For example:

  • MUS268 will fulfill the Cultural Literacy requirement, and count toward either Arts & Letters or Social Science.  
  • COMM115 will fulfill the Cultural Literacy requirement, and count toward either Oral Communication or Arts & Letters.

Always check your official degree audit on MyMHCC to see how courses are counting toward your chosen degree's requirements. 

ANTH102Introduction to Archaeology and World Prehistory (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ANTH103Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Cultural Literacy course)4
ANTH140Language and Culture (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ART211Survey of Visual Arts (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ASL201Second-year American Sign Language I (Cultural Literacy course)4
ASL202Second-year American Sign Language II (Cultural Literacy course)4
ASL203Second-year American Sign Language III (Cultural Literacy course)4
COMM115Introduction to Intercultural Communication (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG204British Literature I: Old English to Renaissance (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG205British Literature II: Age of Enlightenment to Present (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG222Women's Literature (Cultural Literacy course)3
ENG253Survey of American Literature I (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG254Survey of American Literature II (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG257Introduction to African American Literature (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG261Literature of Science Fiction (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG271World Literature: The Classical World (Ancient Literature to 1000 C.E.) (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG272World Literature: 1000 to 1800 C.E. (Cultural Literacy course)4
ENG273World Literature: 1800 C.E. to the Present (Cultural Literacy course)4
FA257Films and Society (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
FA258Understanding the Film (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
FA266Film Directors (Cultural Literacy course)4
GEOG106Introduction to World Regional Geography (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG107Introduction to Cultural Geography (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG202The Geography of Europe (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG206Geography of Oregon (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG209Geography of the Middle East and North Africa (Cultural Literacy course)3
GEOG214Geography of Mexico and Central America (Cultural Literacy course)3
HST101Western Civilization: Ancient and Classical Europe (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST102Western Civilization: Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST103Western Civilization: Modern Europe (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST110Ancient World History (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST111Medieval World History (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST112Modern World History (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST195History of the Vietnam War (Cultural Literacy course)3
HST204Women in U.S. History (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST225Women in World History (Cultural Literacy course)4
HST264African-American History: 1500 - 1870s (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
HUM202Ethics in the Workplace (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course) (if taken summer 2019 or later)3
INTL101Introduction to International Studies (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
JPN201Second-year Japanese I (Cultural Literacy course)5
JPN202Second-year Japanese II (Cultural Literacy course)5
JPN203Second-year Japanese III (Cultural Literacy course)5
MUS201Music in Cinema (Cultural Literacy course)3
MUS211Music Theory IV (Cultural Literacy course)3
MUS212Music Theory V (Cultural Literacy course)3
MUS213Music Theory VI (Cultural Literacy course)3
MUS268Music History: Baroque to Romantic (Cultural Literacy course)4
PHL201Introduction to Philosophy (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
PHL202Fundamental Ethics (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
PS205International Relations (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)4
PSY214Introduction to Personality (Cultural Literacy course)4
PSY232Sexuality and Society (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
R210World Religions (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
R211History of the Old Testament (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
RD117Critical Reading (Course offered online)3
SOC213Race Relations in the United States (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
SOC215Gender and Society (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
SPAN201Second-year Spanish I (Cultural Literacy course)4
SPAN202Second-year Spanish II (Cultural Literacy course)4
SPAN203Second-year Spanish III (Cultural Literacy course)4
TA106Theatre History: Origins to the Renaissance (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
TA107Theatre History: Restoration to Contemporary (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3
WS101Introduction to Women's Studies (Course offered online) (Cultural Literacy course)3

Online option regularly offered

Cultural Literacy course