Quick Information Guide

Information Web Shortcut Phone Number
Getting Started at MHCC mhcc.edu/gettingstarted 503-491-6927
Student Services Hub mhcc.edu/hub hub@mhcc.edu
International Students mhcc.edu/InternationalStudents 503-491-7165
Registering for Credit-Based Classes mhcc.edu/register 503-491-7393
Online Demos (how to register, etc.) mhcc.edu/demos
Withdrawing from College mhcc.edu/withdraw 503-491-7393
Graduation / Commencement mhcc.edu/graduation 503-491-7393
Online / Hybrid Course Log-in mhcc.blackboard.com 503-491-7393
Paying for College mhcc.edu/PayingforCollege 503-491-7462
Financial Aid, Scholarships, Student Employment mhcc.edu/FinancialAid 503-491-7262
Bank Mobile (Financial Aid disbursement) mhcc.edu/MtnCard 503-491-7100
Payment Options mhcc.edu/billing 503-491-6070
Refunds mhcc.edu/refunds 503-491-6070
Tuition and Residency mhcc.edu/Tuition_Residency 503-491-6070
Student Records / FERPA mhcc.edu/StudentRecords 503-491-7347
Order Your Official MHCC Transcript mhcc.edu/requesttranscript 503-491-7393
Student Code of Conduct mhcc.edu/coc 503-491-7374
Student Rights and Responsibilities mhcc.edu/ar-7040-d 503-491-7374
Student Life and Services mhcc.edu/StudentLife 503-491-7277
Academic Advising & Transfer Center mhcc.edu/aatc 503-491-7315
Aquatic Center mhcc.edu/aquatics 503-491-7243
Accessible Education Services mhcc.edu/aes 503-491-6923
Athletics mhcc.edu/athletics 503-491-7452
Campus Security (Public Safety) mhcc.edu/PublicSafety 503-491-7310
Career Planning and Counseling Center mhcc.edu/CareerCenter 503-491-7432
Computer Labs mhcc.edu/ComputerLabs 503-491-7208
Learning Success Center (Tutoring) mhcc.edu/lsc 503-491-7108
Library mhcc.edu/library 503-491-7161
Student Union mhcc.edu/StudentUnion 503-491-7277
Study Abroad mhcc.edu/StudyAbroad 503-491-7497
Testing/Assessment Center mhcc.edu/testingservices 503-491-7591
TRIO Student Support Services mhcc.edu/TRIO-SSS 503-491-7688
Transitions mhcc.edu/transitions 503-491-7680
Transiciones mhcc.edu/transiciones 503-491-7680
Veterans Service Center mhcc.edu/VeteransServices 503-491-7346
Pre-College Programs and Services
High School Programs mhcc.edu/HighSchoolPrograms 503-491-7421
English as a Second Language (ESL) mhcc.edu/aboutESL 503-491-7333
Intensive English for College and Careers (IECC) mhcc.edu/aboutIECC 503-491-6912
General Education Development (GED) mhcc.edu/aboutABE_GED 503-491-6433