Business Cybersecurity Practical Implementation - Certificate


Faculty Adviser

Dr. Wayne Machuca: 503-491-7631 | Room AC2776 |

The purpose of this credential is to present fundamental business cyber security skills and structures common to most small and medium-sized businesses. This program is intended for individuals with basic computer awareness or have completed Business Computer Fundamentals. In this program, students will be exposed to general cyber security topics in an up-to-date and investigatory environment, learn the language of computer hackers, learn general network design techniques, and create a business plan for the inevitable hack event.

Program Outcomes

  • Install a simple firewall
  • Design a firewall implementation appropriate for a given business
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a variety of cyber security issues
  • Describe basic cyber security defense techniques based upon known attack profiles
  • Using common tools, describe different computer hacking techniques
  • Using common tools, perform a basic forensic analysis of a given computer
Plan of Study Grid
First QuarterCredits
CIS284S Preparation for Security+ (Course offered online) 4
ISTM283B Firewall Implementation 3
ISTM284E Ethical Hacking 3
ISTM283F Practical Digital Forensics 3
 Total Credits13

The Business Cybersecurity Practical Implementation program is not financial aid eligible. However, the related degree program, Cybersecurity and Networking is aid eligible.

Course offered online

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