Business Computer Fundamentals - Certificate


Faculty Adviser

Dr. Wayne Machuca: 503-491-7631 | Room AC2776 |

The purpose of this credential is to present fundamental business cyber security skills and structures common to most small and medium-sized businesses. This program is intended for individuals with basic computer awareness. In this program, students will be exposed to general cyber security topics in an up-to-date and investigatory environment, learn the language of computer hackers, learn general network design techniques, and create a business plan for the inevitable hack event.

Program Outcomes

  • Identify the major components of a computer system
  • Describe how different computer components work together to make a system 
  • Describe the basic hardware and software (applications and operating systems) necessary to provide basic computer functionality 
  • Demonstrate proficiency using a common word processing software 
  • Demonstrate proficiency using a common spread sheets software 
  • Design and create a simple web site
Plan of Study Grid
First QuarterCredits
BT125 Microsoft Word Training (Course offered online) 1 3
CIS120 Computer Concepts I (Course offered online) 3
CIS125SS Spreadsheets (Course offered online) 3
CIS197HTM Web Authoring: HTML5 and CSS3 (Course offered online) 3
 Total Credits12

The Business Computer Fundamentals program is not financial aid eligible. However, the related degree program, Cybersecurity and Networking is aid eligible.

Course offered online

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