Forestry Technology (FT)

FT122 Forest Measurements I

Credits 5Winter

Registration Requirement: F111 and MTH060; or instructor consent.

This course introduces the student to field measurement of forest resources. Topics include fundamentals of field sampling, use of topographic maps, estimation of land area and measurement of physical tree characteristics. Electronic data collection and analysis are integral.

Additional Course Fee: $25.00

FT221 Aerial Photo Interpretation and GPS

Credits 4Spring

Registration Requirement: FT122 and MTH065; or instructor consent.

This course teaches the fundamentals of aerial photography and the global positioning systems (GPS) needed for navigation, interpretation and data gathering in natural resources. Students learn to relate photo features to map and landscape features, and to find distance, direction and land area on photos. Photos are used with GPS for various field data applications. Additional GPS topics include satellite signals and paths, factors influencing position accuracy and computer post-processing. Students use GPS to construct computer-generated maps.

Additional Course Fee: $25.00

FT222 Forest Measurements II

Credits 4Fall

Registration Requirement: FT122 and MTH084 or higher; or instructor consent.

This course provides instruction and training in estimating volume and quality of standing timber. Sampling methods and their associated field techniques are covered, with an emphasis on producing reliable and accurate data. Data computation, statistical evaluation and the preparation of comprehensive timber cruise reports are required. Labs focus on field timber cruising using Atterbury's Super A.C.E. program.

Additional Course Fee: $25.00

FT228 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Credits 3Winter

Registration Requirement: FT221 or ET142; or instructor consent.

This course covers the fundamentals of how to manage, manipulate and display spatially-referenced data for land-use planning and decision making. Students work with GIS software applications.

Additional Course Fee: $25.00

FT235 Outdoor Recreation

Credits 3Spring

Registration Requirement: RD090, WR090 and MTH020, each with a grade of "C" or better; or placement above stated course levels.

This course explores the use and management of forested recreational settings. Topics include the influence of social and economic values on recreational use and planning, techniques for environmental interpretation and facilities and site maintenance.

Additional Course Fee: $25.00

Course fees are subject to change. Additional section fees (web, hybrid, etc.) may apply.