Environmental Science and Resources (ESR)

ESR231 Energy Management I

Credits 3Winter

Registration Requirement: EHS/SHS230 or instructor consent.

This course provides a general overview of energy concepts as they apply to the design of new buildings and renovation of existing buildings. The course includes an overview of the tools used to conduct an energy analysis/audit and methods used to develop a low energy strategy.

ESR232 Energy Management II

Credits 3Spring

Registration Requirement: ESR231; or instructor consent.

This course provides a general overview of renewable energy concepts, energy policies and cost-benefit comparisons. An overview of energy and the environment, energy crisis and sustainability, and economics is presented. The economic presentation includes tax incentives, siting, permitting and other programs at the federal and state levels. Presentations/discussions focus on solar, wind, geothermal, fuel cell, biomass, biofuel, waste-to-energy, hydro and other sustainable energy technologies.

ESR271 Environmental Science II: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Credits 4Fall

Registration Requirement: CH170 and SHS171; or instructor consent.

This course will provide an overview of the basic concepts of physical and chemical treatment, the function of related equipment and support systems and the environmental responsibilities required to safely and properly operate, maintain and manage an industrial wastewater treatment facility. This course also covers the physical and chemical properties, human uses, hydrology and ecology of water systems, focusing on the science of current water-related issues and the methods and technologies used in their solution.

Additional Course Fee: $35.00

ESR281 Elements of Industrial Hygiene

Credits 3Winter

Registration Requirement: RD090, WR090 and MTH020, each with a grade of "C" or better; or placement above stated course levels.

This course provides students with an introduction to basic concepts of the broad field of industrial hygiene. Students will develop a basic understanding of the key principles of the professional practice of industrial hygiene: recognition, evaluation and control of occupational health hazards.

ESR285 Safety and Health Standards and Laws

Credits 3Spring

Registration Requirement: SHS100; or instructor consent.

Emphasis on occupational safety and health hazards and regulatory standards, including hazard recognition, incident investigation, prevention and control techniques in general industry and construction. The most common Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations and new federal and state OSHA standards are stressed.

Course fees are subject to change. Additional section fees (web, hybrid, etc.) may apply.