Digital Photography (DP)

DP153 Studio Lighting

Credits 5Winter

Registration Requirement: IM150.

Students explore specific applications to lighting concepts and principles for photography in a controlled studio setting. With an emphasis on product and portrait photography, students apply advanced lighting modifications to achieve industry appropriate results.

Additional Course Fee: $50.00

DP165 Photo Editing II

Credits 5Spring

Registration Requirement: Limited to students in the Integrated Media: Photography program.

Students gain more advanced skills in editing and retouching digital images using Adobe Photoshop. Advanced topics covered include skin retouching, compositing, and advanced color manipulation. Students learn to master digital workflow and asset management in preparation for image enhancement, file delivery and output. Students also learn to master other digital photographic techniques including film scanning/digitization and inkjet printing.

Additional Course Fee: $75.00

DP170 Photographic Concept Theory

Credits 3Spring

Registration Requirement: Limited to Integrated Media Photography students or instructor approval.

To be successful in the industry, image makers must find a balance between artistic intent and professional goals. In order to develop a strong personal aesthetic, it is essential to be able to understand and interpret the power and meaning of both still and moving images. With an emphasis on critical thinking and analysis, this course will explore recent photographic and cinematic luminaries, movements, events and the medium's intersection with contemporary culture. Students will investigate theoretical and critical concepts through relevant and interrelated readings, lectures, discussions, assignments, and critiques.

DP249 Multimedia Journalism

Credits 5Winter

Registration Requirement: Second-year Integrated Media: Photography students.

This course introduces the basics of multimedia journalism including historical, ethical, legal and aesthetic issues. Students discuss visual and photographic journalism as it now transcends print media. Additional emphasis is placed on visual reporting techniques that encompass digital camera video, audio recordings and web distribution.

Additional Course Fee: $50.00

DP250 Photographic Lighting II

Credits 5Fall

Registration Requirement: DP153.

With an emphasis on people and product photography, this course emphasizes the advanced lighting techniques used in digital photography applications. Tethered capture is employed where the camera is connected/controlled through the computer both in-studio and on location. Students explore advanced strategies for composition, content and style and articulate their decisions during critique.

Additional Course Fee: $50.00

DP252 Digital Media Studio

Credits 5Spring

Registration Requirement: DP249.

Students develop the skills to produce videos from digital SLR cameras for both commercial photography and photojournalism applications. Students discuss intellectual property implications, identify potential markets, develop and storyboard project ideas. Instruction covers DSLR video camera operation, non-linear editing software and proper file preparation as students prepare media for a final, cohesive portfolio.

Additional Course Fee: $50.00

Course fees are subject to change. Additional section fees (web, hybrid, etc.) may apply.